Raneh falls – Grand Canyon of India

As little as twenty kilometres is what you need travel from Khajuraho towards Panna National Park to deport yourself from an urban ambience to the paradise of nature.

Panna National Park is a Tiger Reserve. We failed to do the advance booking for the safari. Because it was a holiday weekend, we couldn’t even manage to source the tickets locally too that we missed the chance of spotting a big cat. Nevertheless, the safari through the nature’s trail from Raneh falls towards Ken Ghariyal sanctuary allowed us to spot quite a few forest fauna like antelopes, spotted deers, jackals, peacocks and some wild birds.

Ken Ghariyal sanctuary located along the banks of Ken River is a heavenly haven with hills on one side of the banks and woods on the other. Ken River with its white rocks sprinkled like cashews in a cup of desserts, the black cormorant birds adorning these rocks like stones on a crown and the pristine reflection of the hills is a sight to behold. If you have got binoculars or telephoto lens with long focal length, you could even spot one or two crocodiles. If not for spotting the crocodiles, Ghariyal sanctuary is worth a visit for its picturesque setting.

Getting back to the narrative about Raneh falls, Raneh falls is a canyon which is said to have formed due to a volcanic eruption several thousand years ago. The canyon made of pure crystalline granite in varying shades looks quite captivating. It is said that the place would be much more scenic and even makes you wonder if it is a mini Niagara during monsoon when there would be many small and large waterfalls all over the canyon. Nonetheless, the canyon sans waterfalls had a beauty of its own. The natural crater inside the canyon heightens the splendour of the place. All in all, Raneh falls is too gorgeous to be missed visiting when you are at Khajuraho!

Travel Tips:

  1. You can cover Raneh Falls and Ken Ghariyal Sancutuary as part of your Panna National Park Outing. Easily doable in half a day.
  2. For Panna National Park, you can book the safari online at the below link.


Please do keep in mind that Hinouta and Madla are the two core zones and Harsha is just the buffer zone for animal spotting. Even if you will be sourcing the tickets locally after arriving at Khajuraho, insist your booking agents to book the safari for one of the core zones.

3. Please wear comfortable shoes and carry water bottles as you will be embarking on a mini trekking at Ken Ghariyal sanctuary to spot crocodiles.

4. Do not make noise out of excitement when you spot an animal or you would only be shooing it away instead of admiring and taking pictures.


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