Khajuraho Monuments – A mistaken identity of eroticism!

A friend of mine asked me, “What are your plans for Christmas holidays?” He knows that the avid traveller in me will not miss out the vacation season during Christmas.
“I’m going to visit Khajuraho monuments”, I replied.
“With family?” he raised his brows.
“Of course!” I hailed.
“Are you kidding? Khajuraho, with family?” he gave me a snappy comeback.
Well, I won’t disparage him, for this is how most of us would react when we get to hear the word “Khajuraho”.
However, once you get to see the Khajuraho monuments, you will realise that Khajuraho has much more than the erotic sculptures unlike the notoriety created by travelogues, history books, and misconception by people in general.
Well, there is no denying over the fact that Khajuraho temples have enormous serving of erotic sculptures, but they just contribute to 15% of the whole set of sculptures in Khajuraho. In fact, there are many temples like the Sun temple in Konark and Rankapur Jain Temple are said to have the same amount of erotic sculptures and most other temples in India, in general do have these kind of sculptures although not to this degree. The reason lies in the belief of Kama being one of the most important transcendental stages in the spiritual journey of a soul. The Hindu philosophy upholds the purusharthas, or goals of human life as Dharma (moral responsibility), Artha (material prosperity), Kama (passion or pleasure of senses, with or without sexual connotations) and Moksha (liberated state that allows one to see the truth and reality shedding the fog of ignorance). It is believed that one has to surpass the stages of Dharma, Artha and Kama to get to the stage of Moksha. Hence, our ancestors must have found it quite appropriate to educate the populace on subjects related to Kama too, therefore these erotic sculptures found their place in the temple premises. If this relevance to Hindu philosophy doesn’t impress you, never mind, the magnificent architecture of the Khajuraho monuments, stunning creativity of the architect and the sculptors and the exceptional craftsmanship and winsome expression of art even in the simplest of the sculptures are good enough to let you go awestricken. I can go on and on expressing the exquisite beauty of Khajuraho monuments but let me stop here to let the pictures do all the talking about the inimitable grandiose of the place.

Travel Tips:

  1. Khajuraho Monuments/ temples are essentially organised in three groups – Western group of temples, Eastern and Southern groups. Western group of temples are all located in the same campus and they will what require more time seeing (3-4 hours easily especially if you are like who wanna take lot of pictures!) The eastern and southern groups have three temples each with the radius of 3 to four kilometres. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can hire the auto rickshaws or even hire a two motorbike or even a cycle.
  2. Do hire a guide or all you see are nothing but temple towers and sculptures everywhere. You would be able to understand and appreciate the nuances of the artwork and craftsmanship of the place better when you have a guide.
  3. Tripods are not allowed. So, please leave it in your hotel room if your carrying one.


  1. The post has been so beautifully written. It totally breaks the highly misconstrued depictions of the sculptures at the temples of Kajuraho.There is so much more that has been shown on stone.Each and every peice speaks a story. The intricate work tells us about the way people lived in the 900 and 1000 century, their love for music, the way the worriors fought,the Gods those were reveared, all depicted through stone. An awesome place and a true Heritage site that everyone must visit and enjoy. You have captured the whole place so beautifully through your lens, that surely, seeing them, it would inspire people to go and see the beauty for themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know how to disagree. In fact most of the advanced countries (in material capital) wants to learn/adopt the rich spiritual capital originated in India. It is unfortunate to see some children of this nation often getting misled and/or ill informed!!!


  3. wowwwwwww! wonderful pictures presented along with excellent write up…Gives me a feel of personal visit over there.Sure everyone will get an urge to visit this place seeing your beautiful captures of have showed an another dimension of khajuraho .Great thing is you never stop yourself as a visitor only…Your inborn curiosity makes you to explore in different angles, perceive and share with all…


  4. Totally agree with your point of view.Dharma Arth Kama,the trip completes the moksha.Khujraho has much more depth than it’s accounted for.the post is precise and apt ..nothing less and more,as the pictures are sufficient to define it’s beauty.
    Congratulations shobhita.


  5. Shobita you really write so well in such a simple language that one feels that he is actually at that place. I very much appreciate your views on erotic sculptures as they are very much part of our life.

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